Sigma provides an integrated platform for seismic interpretation and geologic modeling. Sigma’s highly optimized graphics modules allow for quick response times in handling large 3D seismic volumes and generating displays as a base-cube or along multiple planes. When combined with innovative capabilities to correlate seismic and well data, track horizons and faults and extract attributes, a powerful tool now exists for an efficient, high value added interpretation of seismic data.

Sigma also integrates with Galaxy (Plano Research’s advanced geological modeling and geostatistical software) and FlowSim Studio (Plano Research’s 3D, three phase compositional reservoir simulator) to form a cohesive, integrated workflow for exploration and reservoir analysis. Sigma is also capable of exporting data and interpretations in standard industry formats for use in other geophysical and geological interpretation software.


  • Quick response time in handling large 3D volumes
  • Efficient interaction of seismic data from multiple perspectives
  • Innovative map presen-tations of multiple data sets and interpretations
  • Effective cross-disciplinary collaboration by geo-scientists and engineers

Key Features

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