PetroTrak, the ultimate web-based  enterprise level asset management software with its several powerful modules aids in the efficient analysis, monitoring and management of oil and gas fields throughout the E&P life cycle. It can be used to manage information from multiple assets spread over different operators/divisions.

PetroTrak offers a complete solution to the users to efficiently visualize, analyze, relate and collaborate to achieve the common goal of improving production.

Completely customizable , PetroTrak allows users to generate reports, plots and charts to analyze information effectively.

It supports advanced business optimization through event analysis, key performance indicators, data correlations, operations analysis and business activity monitoring. PetroTrak enables users to make critical, data driven business decisions and yields a faster return on investment due to improved asset performance and resource utilization.


  • Obtain live field information
  • Effective information sharing
  • Web based architecture
  • Visualize process bottle-necks
  • Disseminate information quickly

Key Features

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