GeoTrak, a web-based Exploration Toolkit with a quick, accurate, and intuitive graphical interface for Resource Calculations and Prospect Tracking. GeoTrak offers a highly interactive Input classification with the flexibility to accept reservoir input parameters by lead, prospect, and other classes.

Its ability to perform deterministic calculations of volumetrics on-the-fly and several different calculation methods for resource volumes and detailed lead information helps in easy comparison and analysis.

GeoTrak can also perform probabilistic calculations of resources and provide low, mid, and high estimates based on input reservoir parameters.

Combined with advanced visualization capabilities, it has the ability to add meta-data and to save projects with all the lead information and all of the calculations. It even has a petrophysics module with the ability to filter and visualize petrophysical information.




  • Fast and accurate resource calculations for multiple leads and prospects
  • Easy to use and intuitive graphical interface
  • Web based collaborative framework
  • Ability to define and edit leads on the fly
  • Provides single source of data and analysis to avoid duplication and confusion
  • Provides consistency and accuracy
  • Secure and confidential
  • Accessible through company intranet worldwide

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