Galaxy 4D is a fully integrated geological, geostatistical and reservoir characterization software platform. It provides geologists and reservoir engineers with a highly versatile and easy to use 3D/2D stratigraphic and reservoir modeling tool.

Galaxy 4D significantly decreases the time involved in building, updating and managing reservoir models while increasing the knowledge and understanding of the reservoir. As a result, optimum field development programs can be designed faster and with reduced risks. Galaxy 4D’s strengths lie in its logical and straight forward workflow. Its modules and displays are intuitive, interactive and time saving. Proficiency is gained in few hours and expertise in just a few days with minimal training using several short sessions.


  • Intuitive work flow
  • Ease-of-use
  • Short learning curve
  • Project explorer for centralized data management and editing
  • Reservoir heterogeneity and uncertainty modeling
  • Platform independent: PC, Linux and Unix compatible

Key Features

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