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Sigma Sigma provides an integrated platform for seismic interpretation and geologic modeling. Brochure
Geodex Earth Material Description / Core Analysis. Brochure
galaxy Galaxy 4D Galaxy 4D is a fully integrated geological, geostatistical and reservoir characterization software platform. It provides geologists and reservoir engineers with a highly versatile and easy to use 3D/2D stratigraphic and reservoir modeling tool. Brochure
CoreLog CoreLog is a log analysis and petrophysical modeling application, based on industry standard models, used for calculating petrophysical properties of a well(s). Brochure
GeoTrak GeoTrak is a resource analysis and exploration toolkit. Brochure
Transients+ Transients+ is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art well test analysis and design package. Brochure
FlowSim Studio FlowSim Studio is a fully implicit, three-phase, three-dimensional black-oil and composite reservoir simulator. Brochure
PetroTrak PetroTrak is the ultimate well and reservoir management software application comprising of several powerful modules that assist in the efficient analysis, monitoring and management of oil and gas fields throughout the E&P life cycle. Brochure
SmartEOR SmartEOR is an EOR Screening application for rapid and reliable predictions of reservoir performance. Brochure
CAESAR CAESAR is a well and reservoir management software that combines the power of reservoir simulation results with the analytics of production data. Brochure
Analytics Analytics is an innovative waterflood management and optimization tool. It has the flexibility of analyzing and visualizing both field data and simulation results. Brochure
PetroPhaseN PetroPhaseN is a Windows-based, state-of-the-art PVT phase package. Brochure
PVT Cloud PVT Cloud application is used for Pressure-Volume-Temperature Analysis. It is used to generate a Black Oil PVT Table based on industry standard correlations. Both Field(Default) and Metric units are supported by PVT Cloud Application . Brochure
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