CoreLog is a log analysis and petrophysical modeling application, based on industry standard models, used for calculating petrophysical properties of a well(s). It calculates several properties, such as porosity, permeability, volume of shale and others on a zone or well basis. CoreLog gives the user a straight forward and efficient way to import and transform data, view and plot information, calculate petrophysical properties and export data for use in other applications, such as Galaxy4D.

It is a robust application with innovative data display capabilities – it can display several logs simultaneously. Both the plot and the related data are shown together, allowing the user to easily create markers and zones, customize plots and export or print data. Data is presented in a user friendly structured format, with tabbed views, tables and tree views which help to improve user productivity. User’s efficiency is also enhanced by features such as the ability to create templates which store a snapshot of the current plot or calculation for later retrieval.


  • Highly accurate petro-physical properties based on multi-zone calculations that provide a graphical preview of the property to allow customizations
  • Comprehensive data import capability that ensures data integrity, structured organi-zation and editing of data, automatic mapping of known curve properties, and data transformations
  • User friendly, interactive and customizable display of plots and ability to create templates.
  • Preview all the logs in a selected well, interactively create and update zones, merge logs and create depth shifts, drag and drop ability

Key Features

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