Why Plano Research?

We at Plano Research are a team of talented, hardworking and exciting people to work with. We welcome you to explore your talents and zeal by joining our elite team. We have a global presence, which allows you to have a diverse experience and grow as a versatile individual. Careers at PRC span from being a Software Developer to a Geologist. Come and get an insight of the variety of sectors PRC is working with and helping businesses grow and prosper.

Our Philosophy 

  • We believe in high ethical value towards our customers.
  • We believe in open classroom environment where people interact and discuss openly.
  • We respect fellow employees and are a part of the PRC Family.
  • We take responsibility and are accountable for our acts.
  • We are highly committed and honest towards our work.

Career Options

  • Business Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Project Management

Product Marketing Manager

As a Product Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for the outbound marketing activities for your products. You will craft the messaging and positioning for products. You will conceive and develop innovative marketing programs that drive demand.  Attention to detail and an eye for quality, along with the ability to grasp and translate technical capabilities into benefits is crucial. In your role as a Product Marketing Manager you will be contacting potential clients, setting up meetings, provide product demonstrations, and follow up with potential clients. Your job will include surveying the market and obtaining market intelligence.

Desired Qualifications

  • Prefer experience in software product marketing.
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, geosciences, business or marketing.
  • Willing to travel extensively.
  • Excellent people skills to interact with staff, colleagues and cross-functional teams, and third parties.

Send your Resume to : [email protected]

Software Development and Maintenance Engineer

Desired Qualifications

  • Advanced knowledge on transport phenomena, thermodynamics, and optimization of dynamic systems with good understanding of basic engineering
  • Expertise on numerical analysis (linear algebra, nonlinear ODE & PDE, etc.)
  • Good command of FORTRAN, C++ or C#, etc. for sequential and parallel computation.
  • Good understanding of computer science and software engineering.
  • Experienced MS or PhD in the areas of CS, ChE, ME, EE, PE, EngSc

Send your Resume to : [email protected]

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