CAESARa unique well and reservoir management application that combines the power of reservoir simulation results with the analytics of production data, helps to effectively optimize field development and maximize hydrocarbon resource value. Caesar works seamlessly with the output of well known reservoir simulators (Eclipse, FlowSim, VIP) as well as any production database.

With its powerful capabilities for well and reservoir management and easy workflow, Caesar can be used effortlessly for locating potential infill drilling sites for additional reserves, for history matching, for waterflood/WAG implementation, for identification of recompletions, perforations, and shut-in candidates and so much more!

CAESAR is designed to visualize flow paths, compute allocation factors, assess pattern performance, and optimize injection based on injector-producer connections. It can be used to generate and analyze streamlines, quantify fluxes, and visualize the performance of a reservoir in 3D. CAESAR uses proprietary technology that allows the user to handle compressive fluid flow, gas cap, aquifer influx, and geologic heterogeneities like thief zones and faults with high accuracy. It can help in improving sweep efficiency and pressure balancing.

CAESAR provides a complete integration framework to achieve reservoir optimization and production enhancement, using both production data and reservoir simulation.


  • Handle thousands of wells with a fast response time
  • Perform fast optimization and design of waterfloods and EOR floods
  • Quantify the impact of opening and squeezing perforations
  • Determine injectors causing poor sweep and determine candidates for conversion
  • Identify key injectors for EOR injection
  • Predict EOR performance based on type curve analysis

Key Features

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