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At Plano Research Corporation, we provide a wide array of sophisticated products for the oil and gas sector. Our proprietary technology has been designed to simplify and speed up the analysis of many a routine and complex problems faced by geoscientists and engineers during all the phases of oil and gas exploration and development.

 Our software tools have been designed and developed by some of the world’s leading E&P experts. Our experts identified gaps in existing commercial software and developed tools that were more robust than any other available software.  We strive to innovate and provide strong support for our software while continuously adding new features based on client feedback as well as our experience.


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Our software has been used worldwide by NOCs, IOCs, and Independents on many of the world’s giant fields in over 20 countries. Our software has been used on fields owned/operated by 2CO, ADMA-OPCO, Amromco Energy, BP, CNPC, Delfan, GSPC, HKN Energy, Hunt Oil, Jay Polychem, Kosmos, Oxy Oman, PDO, Petro Harvester, PETRONAS, Reliance, Ruspetro, Santika Pendopo Energy, Saudi Aramco, Sheridan, State of Alaska, Statoil, Sterling, Stratum, Sulphur River, Tacitus, Talisman Energy, Tellus Operating Group, TNK-BP, TPG Capital, and VHHL.

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